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Prof. Dr. Peter Buckel

Associated Partner

Peter Buckel held several leading positions in Pharma during 22 years at Boehringer Mannheim (ESVP R&D) and Roche (SVP Molecular Medicine). After that he spent 14 years as CEO in the Biotech Industries.

At Boehringer Mannheim, as global head of R&D, he developed several successful products together with his teams, like the non-radioactive DNA labeling technique with Digoxin, the diagnostic antibody MAK33, the top-selling antibody worldwide, and biologics like Erythropoietin and Reteplase. Reteplase, an optimized plasminogen activator, was the first recombinant drug which was discovered, developed and was introduced to the market, all out of Germany.

Peter Buckel was co-founder of a series of Biotech Companies like MolMed, Milano (stem cell therapies), Molecular Medicine, San Diego (vector- and cell production service), Cytonet, Hannover (regenerative cell therapies) and Xantos, Munich (target discovery). Before starting as CEO of SuppreMol in 2005 (until March 2013) he was CEO of Atugen since 2003, a Berlin located RNAi Company with the goal to accomplish an exit for the shareholders. This was very successfully achieved by a reverse merger with a London AIM listed company (today Silence Therapeutics). SuppreMol was sold to Baxter in March 2015 for EUR 200 m.

In addition to a series of international Scientific and Advisory Board functions Peter Buckel was, and still is an expert reviewer of funding programs and venture investments on a national and international level. He was a member of the initiative BioRegio in Munich and founding member of the BioM, of the BIO Deutschland, as well as of the European Academy of Science and Arts.

From 1988 to 2011 he was teaching “Biotechnology” as a faculty member of the Institute of Microbiology at the Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich.

Peter Buckel brings a vast basket of experience in Pharma research and strategy and in founding, financing, growing and managing Biotech Companies from target discovery to global clinical phase II development. His special interest includes learning organizations, change management, innovation management, risk management, mediation processes and dealing with challenges.



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