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Dr. Sven Hoffmeyer

Founder and Partner

Sven Hoffmeyer has more than 18 years business experience in the life science and personalized medicine field. He has long standing managerial experience in diverse leadership positions and broad experience in setting-up new companies, business areas and production units. He is highly experienced in the areas of business development, project management and marketing, and has sound scientific knowledge in molecular biology, human genetics, and pharmacogenetics / pharmacogenomics.

Sven Hoffmeyer received his doctorate in human biology at the University of Ulm (Germany), followed by a postdoctoral period at the Department of Human Genetics likewise in Ulm. In 1998 he switched to industry and was a member of the start-up team of Epidauros Biotechnologie AG, where he filled positions as Head of laboratory and later as Senior Manager Business Development. During MEDICA in 2001 together with other research colleagues he got awarded the Galenus-von-Pergamon-Award. In 2003 he founded GenType GmbH, where he was Major Shareholder and Managing Director. In 2008 he joined Eurofins Medigenomix GmbH as Business Manager, where he was responsible for set-up and development of a new business area, beyond he was member of the Operational Business Team. In 2016 he was a co-founder of Mountain View Partners a network for Life Science Management, where he is partner.



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