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Dr. Brigitte Obermaier

Founder and Partner

Brigitte Obermaier has more than 17 years experience in managing a globally active company focused on DNA analysis in various life science market segments with customers in academia and industry. Starting from the beginning by founding the company MediGenomix GmbH, leading it through different development phases, she prepared the company to join an international network of laboratories. Manage business to profitability, find the right technology, motivate people and define the organizational structure were normal daily challenges during all of the growth phases.

Beside responsibilities in general management, her entrepreneurial skills fostered the successful development of new production units and business lines. One major topic beside others was personalized medicine and DNA diagnostics. Within her management career, M&A activities and successive integration management played an important role. As Managing Director she took responsibility for different companies and acted as a member of advisory boards.

Before starting her own entrepreneurial idea, she worked in one of the first Biotech companies in Martinsried as Director DNA Analytics. Her occupational history in the genomics world began at the gene center in Munich. She holds a PhD in chemistry at the university in Munich.

Together with a group of experienced professionals she recently founded Mountain View Partners, a network for Life Science Management.



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