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Dr. Birgit Ottenwälder

Founder and Partner

Birgit Ottenwälder has more than 20 years business experience in Molecular Biology and Genomics. She is deeply familiar with the demands and challenges in Life Science & Biotechnology research as well as in the Pharma & Diagnostics research market. She holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and gained her profound knowledge and experience holding different laboratory management and business unit managerial positions in the DNA analytics service provider business area.

As member of the german cDNA consortium she contributed scientifically to the German Human Genome Project more than 10 years. She additionally was responsible for the project management of many Genome, Transcriptome and Personalized Medicine/Diagnostics Sequencing projects using conventional techniques as well as Next Generation Sequencing technologies in publicly sponsored research projects but also in the industrial regulated (GxP) business environment.

She was always working and loves to work in a global business environment. Pioneering activities are inspiring and attracting her and she has broad managerial and team building skills and deep knowledge in developing laboratory units and new business areas to profitability.

In 2016, she switched from a service provider´s to a technology provider´s perspective and joined Hamilton Life Science Robotics as Market Segment Leader Genomics. She is responsible for the management of the current portfolio and for future technological developments in the Genomics business area of Hamilton Robotics.

Together with a group of experienced professionals she was founding Mountain View Partners, a network for Life Science Management, early in 2016.



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