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Dr. Martin Schnee

Associated Partner

Martin Schnee combines the experience to two different worlds: science and finance. Based on his scientific expertise (chemistry and biotechnology) he gathered strong expertise in the financial arena and technology scouting. Since 2010 he is director and partner at Breslin AG (Zurich, Switzerland) and in charge of transactions in Life Science industry (valuation, financing / business development / partnering / licencing, secondaries, technology scouting). Digitalization in the healthcare industry and helping the 'buds to burst' are also areas of interest. In parallel he is co-operation partner with fairesearch (Kronberg, Germany) since 2006 providing white label research services (e.g. AlphaValue, Paris, France) and is running since 2002 his own company SchneeResearch (Maintal, Germany) as a bank-independent research provider with broad coverage of European chemical, pharma, biotech, and medtech companies.

Martin Schnee achieved his doctorate in chemistry at the Goethe-University Frankfurt (Germany) and founded his first company in the 1990ties. Later he added the qualification as a Certified Credit Analyst and DVFA Equity Analyst. He is member of the DVFA (professional organization of investment professionals) and its Life Science Committee, which organizes an annual conference, as well as of GDCh (chemical society) and its Chemistry & Industry Section VCW. Since 2016 he is non-executive director of SIRION Biotech GmbH.



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